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May 04, 2018 /  Category: Active components, Beck Handel

Linear Constant Current Regulated LED Driver



The TSCR4xx are Constant Current Regulator (CCR) for linear LED driving.

The devices regulate with a preset 10mA nominal that can be adjusted with an external resistor up to 300mA (TSCR420CX6/TSCR421CX6), respectively a preset of 0.1mA (TSCR400CX6) and 20mA (TSCR402CX6) nominal that can be adjusted with an external resistor up to 65mA. They have been designed for driving LEDs in strings and will reduce current at increasing temperatures to self-protect.

Operating as a series linear CCR for LED string current control, it can be used in multiple applications, as long as the maximum supply voltage to the device is < 40V.

Key Features & Advantages:

  • Linear Constant Current Regulator:
    - TSCR420CX6, TSCR421CX6: Low-Side control
    - TSCR400CX6, TSCR402CX6: High-Side control
  • LED drive current present:
    - TSCR420CX6, TSCR421CX6: 10mA
    - TSCR400CX6: 0.1mA
    - TSCR402CX6: 20mA
  • Adjustable output current with external resistor
    - TSCR420CX6, TSCR421CX6: up to 300mA
    - TSCR400CX6, TSCR402CX6: up to 65mA
  • Supply voltage up to 40V
  • Increased Reliability
    - Monolithically integrating a transistor, diodes and resistors both simplifies the system by reducing component count and increases overall reliability.
  • Easy paralleling of drivers to increase current
  • Good temperature coefficient vs. output current
  • Digital PWM input up to 10kHz (TSCR421CX6)


  • Automotive interior light
  • Architectural light strips
  • Mood light
  • Channel light
  • Retail refrigeration light
  • Vending machines light
  • Freezer cases light

Calculation Form:

TSCR400/402CX6 Calculation Form
TSCR420/421CX6 Calculation Form