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December 01, 2017 /  Category: LED Lighting, Beck Handel

Efficient lighting for food with Luminus COB LEDs



Special color LEDs for food sector enable the modern supermarkets to increase significantly the attractiveness of their goods.

The table below shows the COBs, which are perfectly suited for the illumination of food products: maximum color saturation, dynamic white and best possible contrast.



Lumen Range

Power Range

CXM-14 (Red Meat)

1800K / 78CRI

1.000 - 2.500

15W - 40W

CXM-14 (Marbled Meat)

3000K / 76CRI

1.500 - 3.500

15W - 40W

CXM-14 (Fresh Veggies)

3000K / 96CRI

1.000 - 3.600

10W - 40W

CXM-14 (Bread)

2700K / 97CRI

1.000 - 2.500

15W - 40W

CXM-14 (Fresh Fish)

6500K / 80CRI

1.500 - 3.500

15W - 40W


Detailed data sheets and samples are available on request (contact).